Hedgie List Reference Hedgehogs: Terminologies

Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in the Pedigree Resource!

  • Entering imports is extremely time consuming for everyone involved.   Different methods of data entry are being used by different breeders around the world which can be complicated and confusing.  The goal of Pedigree Resource is to be consistent so that when European breeders use our system it will flow smoothly between countries, just as it does with the US and Canada.  All breeders identified on a pedigree in Hedgie List are referenced in the Herd Initial List.  
    For this example we are using:  IMP HUN Beruthiel MAG NIHH.    Please note **** I am using this as a real life example of data entry to Pedigree Resource.  In no way, shape, or form am I belittling or criticizing anyone.  It is simply a real life example. :)

    HUN is used as the country on Beruthiel as IMP HUN which, by talking to other breeders, we know that it is an import from Hungary.  The database sees IMP as a breeder and HUN as a breeder just like it would see MAG and NIHH as a breeder.  In this example the breeder/buyer prefix/suffix “rule” is broken from the database perspective.

    One can assume that MAG is the breeder.  The database needs to see HUN-MAG Beruthiel NIHH.  HUN-MAG needs to be identified as a breeder just like SPB-MI-DG is a breeder and NIHH is a breeder.  There is an interactive, cross reference database that needs to include the breeder information.  When breeder information is unknown, UNK is used.  

    Our ( - ) allows us to use the same initials.  So SPB-MI-……. There can be lots of SPB Michigan breeders but only one with SPB-MI-DG.

    This is important because there could a Dutch breeder with the herd initials HUN or by chance a past US breeder with the same initials as a European country.

    More examples:

    SVN WLH Monkey HUN MMI DHZ BKT   should be:

    Remember, WLH does not need a hyphen if it is a North American Breeder.  WLH does need a hyphen if it is outside North America.  
    GBR-WLH  would all be different breeders.

    North American Breeders use SPB plus other identifying factors to indicate Small Private Breeders. Outside North America the database uses SPP plus other identifying factors to indicate Small Private Producer.  Both SPB and SPP must use the other identifying factors.  SPB or SPP without other identifying criteria are changed to UNK (if in North America) and country code-UNK outside North America if the individual is not known.

    SPP-country three letter code-initials

    At this point in time, Hedgie List Pedigree Resource does not assign NEW herd initials to new world breeders but instead uses already established reference lists from other resources.  Please let us know if you find any errors or additions

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